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released March 23, 2013

Performed, recorded and produced by Stuart Smythe. Additional vocals on Track 2,3 and 6 by Alan Gillhespy.



all rights reserved


The Eyes And The Mistoids UK

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Track Name: YWTMOO
You were the mightiest of opponents
But you didn't get the better of me
Track Name: Liquid Terminator
I am your nemesis
I will destroy you
I live inside of you
You have to face that

I am a part of you
You can't defeat me
there is no way out
except right through me

held down
no tricks of the light
no redemption
claws digging inside
sweet thoughts
cutting through your head
small wonder
you're really not better off dead
cold truth
filled with liquid lies
unforgiving eyes
cave in
let the armour fall
and end it all

I'll be your darkness
I'll be your intimate
your dirty secret
don't try to stop me
you'll never lose me

I've seen you waiting
waiting on the centuries
caught up like a spirit
trying to escape the freeze
drowning out your sorrow
anchored to the ocean floor
circumnavigate the madness
it xouldn't help you anymore

I've heard you calling
screaming out when no-one's there
facing down the blackness
holding on as much as you dare
if you thought there were a god
he might take you away from this
but the chances are more likely
he doesn't think that you exist
Track Name: Abate
face/your enemy
fight/this unspeakable
hope/there is a way

you spread your wings here
the ashes piled up high
it took a long long time
they felt the anger
the very core of you
it filled them up inside

face/your enemy
fight/this unspeakable
hope/there is a way
through/into the dark
hold/turn away from the
hate/tore a hole in your
mind/you feel the walls
burn/see the flames rising
burn/the pain is so
good/you never want to come
down/there is no way
through/turn away from the
Track Name: Mastoids
do something illegal
gotta work it out
I wasn't making enough this time
I wasn't making enough

I had to use the violence
the error of my ways
it had to break at some point babe but
it was a hell of a game

you wanna take me at my word
you never wanna feel the same

step away from the edges
no fucking around
have to act real cool in this place
don't let it break you down

steal a little attention
chip away every night
in time we can all sleep easy
forget about the lights

you never take me at my word
you gotta help me get away
Track Name: Restless
I've got a recipe
for long nights
and restless sleep
take them
and swallow whole
breathe in
ignore the cold
things aren't how they appear
well it's just not ending here
held on, the whole night through
I've got a thing for you